Unleashing the Full Potential of Young Artists: Introducing the Art Observatory

Art Observatory is an innovative art association dedicated to empowering university students in their digital transformation journey.

With a focus on providing social media promotion, marketplace exposure, and a platform to showcase their works, we help young artists bring their creative visions to life.

The goal is to create a supportive community that encourages exchange and growth. The platform is aimed at students in the arts and creative fields, selected by our curation team and recommended by our growing network.

It offers art enthusiasts, collectors, and galleries the opportunity to follow, support, and potentially invite young artists to showcase their works in exhibitions or collections.

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Discover the Next Big Thing in Art: Emerging Contemporary Artists to Watch at Art Observatory

Sarah Neumann

Sarah Neumann studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich at the Class of Gregor Hildebrand

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Insta: Sarah Neumann
Medium: Painting
Location: Academy of Fine Arts Munich


Amanda Jahn 

Amanda Jahn Artist to watch. Color, Dada and political Issues.
Academy of fine Arts, Vienna


Insta: Amanda Jahn
Web: Amdanda Jahn
Medium: Painting
Location: Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna


Liva Jo

From Mythological to fairytail

Insta: Liva Jo
Medium: Contemporary Painting
Location: Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna


Seung Yeon Jung

Contemporary oil Painting and ceramics from the Academy of fine arts Vienna


Insta:Seung Yeon Jung
Medium: Painting and Ceramics
Location: Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna


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